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REMOVED 24.02.2024


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Making Donkey Field even more awesome!

Our dedicated fundraising team is dreaming up ways to make Donkey Field even brighter. Catch upcoming events here, and join us in making those dreams a reality. Together, we make Donkey Field more magical! ✨

Donkey Field Preschool's Fundraising Heroes: Whipping Up Magic for Our Little Explorers!

REMOVED 26.02.2024

Ever wonder what makes Donkey Field such a vibrant haven for play and learning? Look no further than our phenomenal fundraising team! These dedicated bunch of parents and community members tirelessly dedicate their time and energy to conjure up fun-filled events and secure generous grants, all to nurture the smiles and wonder of our precious children.


And boy, did they deliver this year! Buckle up for a jaw-dropping recap of their 2022-23 magic:

  • A whopping £18,499.10! That's enough to make Tinkerbell jealous! From speed quizzes and Christmas markets to bingo nights and cake sales, they squeezed every drop of fun out of these events, raising an incredible sum for our little ones.

  • Sensory room dreams come true! Thanks to their efforts, our precious preschoolers now have a dedicated sensory room, bursting with equipment to boost their imagination and development. They even sprinkled some fairy dust on Leavers' presents and Easter treats, ensuring every child gets a dose of joy.


But wait, there's more! Check out this dazzling breakdown of their fundraising extravaganza:

  • Speed Quiz: £1,406.40 - Brainpower turned into playtime gold!

  • Christmas Market: £1,373.88 - A festive bonanza of cheer and generosity.

  • Speed Quiz Raffle: £747.84 - Prizes aplenty, smiles even greater!

  • Ladies Bingo Night: £739 - Bingo balls singing for a good cause!

  • Cake Sales: £405 - Sweet treats fueling sweet dreams.

  • Terracycle: £308.56 - Turning trash into treasure for our preschool.

  • And so much more! From Christmas hampers to Valentine's discos, every event added a sprinkle of magic to the fundraising pot.


But the magic doesn't stop there! We received a whopping £11,989 in generous grants from Worth Parish Council, Gatwick Community Grant, and the 106 grant. Talk about spreading the preschool love!

So, a huge round of applause for our phenomenal fundraising team! Their dedication and creativity are the wind beneath Donkey Field's wings. And to everyone who participated and supported their tireless efforts, you're heroes too! Together, we're building a world of wonder for our little learners, one sprinkle of fundraising magic at a time.

Want to join the fun? Keep an eye out for upcoming events on our website. Every little bit counts, and you'll be amazed at the joy you can help create! 


Got great ideas or helping hands? We'd love you on the fundraising team! Contact us!


Thank you!

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